Notes Notes Notes

by Mikuhaeru

The teacher calls on you in class, but you haven’t been paying attention, and the first thing that you blurt out is:

What do you really think about where you live?
I love my computorS

You’re writing an essay for class, but you’re listening to music, so you accidentally end up typing:
The actually essay.. im not that dumb to write jap on a English paper..

You fall and break your arm, you scream:
GET IN THE VAN! (you might not get it)

What does your ex think about you?
No idea..probably not too well.haha

You should get a bumper sticker that says:
Horn broken,look out for the middle finger.

While high, you like to scream:
I cant scream.

What do you say when you come home after a long trip?
Hi mum,im going to bed.

You friend says she’s got tickets to see your favourite band in concert, you say?
Oh thats nice.

What were your brother/sister’s first words?

If you could make up a new country, part of your national anthem would be:
No idea..i guess i would make everyone sing my name across the sky’s.

Your mom tells you she’s pregnant, you say?

A good quote to put on your bedroom wall would be:
Well come to hell.

Someone asks you what you’re doing, and you reply with:
Whatever im doing..

Why do you spend so much time on the internet?
Dota~ LOL

Your little cousin just won’t stop bugging you, so you turn to him/her and shout:
Sean needs some help.BE GONE!

Last night, you had trouble going to sleep because these words kept going through your mind:
Super smash bros

What does your grandmother’s secret tattoo say?

You’d be embarrassed if your dad started randomly singing this:
Anything would be horrible.

Why isn’t your crush your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Because,”Insert pitiful excuse here”

The coolest tagline for a movie would be:
No idea

A friend walks up to you and asks you “what’s up?”, so you turn to him/her and say:
Pull my finger