by Mikuhaeru

Lately iv been looking at a lot of vids on youtube,Comedy etc.Well,now i watching it for interesting news.Giving me things to talk about too.A lot of  good shows out now.Even though it has a lot of crud humor and will not share any of the links here..

Well an interesting one,man saved his family from their house on fire.After rescuing his WHOLE family from the fire.He thought,it would be a good idea to go back in,and take his hand phone.Surprisingly he died in that fire..

At what point would anyone thing that they would run in to a house on FIRE to save their hand phone..

Anyway there’s a lot of Christmas party going on lately..Im attending 3 so far this weekend,or close to weekend,and holding on of my own..I might not do it again if it takes that much work..ever.

Bad people get good things,that’s the real world – Mikuhaeru