Late?how bout early.

by Mikuhaeru

My mind is full,so i throw it here. its 4.30 now,and i have to like get up at 9.. im so gonna die later..

Just waiting.. and waiting.. psp.. are you alive yet?

Nah im not a addict.Do i sound like one?O.O

Was just watching this old vid about some church music vid about god punishing the world..kind of a old vid and all.No im not out to get any one..

God hates the world~ and all its people~

Ok im was just reallyreally funny to hear.

And i would punish you buy drawing your face on the whiteboard,AND THEN RUBBING IT OFF!!(ok that was lame..)

Come to the dark side,we have cookies and beer and somebody’s probably ordering pizza!

See that was better =D

Brain thrown on text – Mikuhaeru