In twist,in comfert

by Mikuhaeru

Nice wide screen com fast internet,feels better then when the rooms dark at home.haha theres this guy i never meet b4 in the house.. suppose my dads friend.. and i hear tiles.. oh no..

Gonna have a great time 2moro.i hope.Just gotta hook up some stuff,play the night away,Yea what could go wrong~.

What ever can go wrong,will go wrong,and it will go wrong at the worst possible time.


Was gonna buy lots of hot dogs and stuff for 2moro,turns out my dad was in a good mood and got everything for me o.o Go good mood.

I was just reminded of the invisible hierarchy  system not too long ago,and im glad to have earn the respect of my friends and classmates.Mostly because i was born with a bigger size?But im just grateful and for it,not bragging but im blessed.And im happy with the people around me.Thanks for support and what not.

Friends are something that come and go.Good friends go faster then normal ones,and the ones you know better die faster.Don’t cry~

I haven been watching news vids much,and my mind is getting empty.. good or bad..i dont know..

I would type out a list of friends im grateful for.. but that might cause problems to me.. and i might get hurt ..

woo cards.. my mind in text.

When people we are close to die,we cry,untill we see their Will – Mikuhaeru