Fun?how bout lying down..

by Mikuhaeru

Today was a good day was fun.COD4 in the room,really sounded like a war zone.F1 racing out side.. was going to kill my ears.. 2 females without any driving exp,decided to try their luck in mario cart.Was really fun watching though.Dont get me wrong though,i was not looking at their horrible driving skills..Their faces had enough expression to make a album.

Epic face,epic face,epic face.

I received another gift this season,a bottle of random stuff.Its kind of special because i was given the impression that i was not going to get one.Yes surprised.Thanks Lin.

After all guest have left the house,decided to meet my close friend for some random walking around and talking.We ended up in some hong kong restaurant were they held cups in their hands and watched each other,in hope to out last the other.

Ended up sitting there to 12.. were there was no buses or mrts… so i had to take a cab..

With the weird feeling of entering a house at 1 with all doors open,i crawled to my room.. and emptied the heavy load of my back.. i think im alive..

Thanks everyone who made my day special.

i didnt lose,i just have not won. – Mikuhaeru