Because i think

by Mikuhaeru

2moro is the 2nd last day of the year!!!With nothing on my list to do,i find it kind of weird.. or just disturbing..or lonely..

This olso means the holidays are going to end.Which is kind of sad,means the days im looking for things to do and go out.i have to spend it in this jail cell called school.

Well i know iv been complaining alot about not having things to do.wanting to go out of the house and all.So i have to use this wasted time and go to school right?Well possibly,but these are olso wasted opportunities.. times that could have been spend wondering around with people i care about,gone and put into working and studying in school!

Ok maybe its not that bad.But im gonna miss alot of people,hopefully my little talks around noon does not go away because of school.And hopefully i find the energy to move to the table in my room to do some work and stuff.Anyway..

Anyway,i kind of feel better now.Throwing my mind here.It kind of helps.

a lot.

Till the next mental meltdown!

Spoons of joy. –  Mikuhaeru