How i should worry more.

by Mikuhaeru

After leaving my house and wasting my time at the arcade.I proceeded to watch Sherlock homes which i tot was a great movie,apart from  some little errors here and there.

Almost lost my wallet,but some nice people at the cinema found it for me.But come to think of it,i should have felt more nervousness then i did.My thanks goes to the people that found it and had the heart to return it.

My thoughts are getting to me again,time after time looking back.W0ndering how this episode of my life is going to end.Most normal people would suggest not to make your life revolve around someone,and in the effort to sound normal i would deny that i am.. But coming to think rather what the hell is going on in my head..

No one likes a person with mental issues.I guess that’s one of my problems.

Socially im not the most friendly guy around,but at least i dont go around making people miserable.

Things just get better and better.

May my hopes and dreams be build around you. – Mikuhaeru