Chose between 1 and 2

by Mikuhaeru


2moro everyones getting excited about the year end etc,partys to go etc.or if you were like me last year,and you don’t know that the end is near,LOOK AT YOUR CALENDAR.Which i finally have one as a Christmas present.

Anyway im off 2moro to my cousins house gonna rest there till its time for the year end celebration.I would wish everyone a happy new year on that sec but i dont have all i might just send out 1 or 2.To those that actually special to my life.And of course my mum,which birthday is on the 1st.

Oh,another new years resolution,to play Heart of witch on the piano.Which is kinda gonna take a while..

Other then that,if you waiting for my mind to be off reading my 3 years life story,which i found not long ago.

Even with the best of both worlds,they and up to a 3. – Mikuhaeru