For anyone that matters.

by Mikuhaeru

Who really does matter?Do I?Well apparently this guy,Rev does,Some musician that died not too long ago was all over the news.Some would say:

Yes,he does matter.


Because hes on the news!and everyone knows him!

I dont know him..

Then you dont matter!

Does everybody know you?


nah..if i really wanted to matter,i would just die and have someone put my name in the newspaper.Under..that section where old people die.

Dead people aside,i was thinking about famous people and fans.Just thinking how nice it would be just to have a little fame.And then thinking it might just be a bad idea.

Edit Edit Edit –

There we go,back on track to the rainbow road!

Everyone matters,Just in a matter of to who,and possibly how much.


Celebrating,You. – Mikuhaeru