Thoughts on your fall?

by Mikuhaeru

Its never a good day to write a 40thousand dollar check,give it to someone,and get nothing in return..

Was having a chat with a conversation practically going no where or back and forth,when it just hit me.”Schools gonna start,” not that worried about school.But it was what came after.”we’ll all hardly ever see each other.”

My mind..was doing fine before that came into place..

Yea i was quite depressed for a moment or two..Yes..the Rev did die..

Its just that i had so much fun this holiday season,for it all just to go away.I mean,all this does not continue when i get back to school.I don’t enjoy life buy hearing how people are having a great time.Finding ways to make things possibly well,to make things tilt my way.just a little..

Iv notice this feeling before,only happens after happiness has taken its full breath of my life.Rainbows come after the storm,what comes after the rainbows.

Il choose to face the rain,again.

In the hope of the same rainbow showing up again.

I’ll be careful next time – Mikuhaeru