Part time.

by Mikuhaeru

N levels are around the .. haha sudden though of a prom and dance..

Anyway recent questions by anyone old were,how well are you prepared for you O levels.Firstly I’m taking my N levels this year,let me deal with that.Secondly I’m studying,how “prepared” do you want me to be?.. Well of course everyone is concern and such.But i think i can handle the hail stones of life by my own for now.

Ever been waiting for something … like a bus to arrive?But never does until you decided to take a cab?And when you found out about this you tried to trick yourself to be thinking you don’t want the bus to arrive?..What law is that again?

Well,I’m fresh and awake now.At my dads place having a “good” time.Waiting for someone to show up..Oh and my game started.(shut it..)

Oh,happy 1st of Jan!!*parade parade* *fire works fire works* Come to think of it..where was the fireworks.. Its been a long day.

Before too long – Mikuhaeru