Why dont i feel tired?

by Mikuhaeru

Well i didn’t do a post yesterday because well,what can i say..it was the beginning of a new year.Happy 2010.You hell has just begun!

Well,i did bring my laptop to my cousins place.But i could not use the wireless there..Although i did have fun playing weird card games.

I was at a new years event which just ended..at 7am today,really awesome award giving videos and ceremony!Although i can do without the morning walks..Glad to see old faces which i haven seen in a 2 years.

Yes right now im dead tired and cant wait to fall asleep.Just came home and its 9 am right not and my head is hurting,but i could not help think about highlights that happen these few days.Thanks everyone who make it so enjoyable.

Il do a proper post when i can open my eyes.

You might be right – Mikuhaeru