by Mikuhaeru

Have you received your free hug today?

Ever since i reading about free hugs online,i have been wanting a “Free hugs” T-shirt and one day hope to stand in the middle of orchard road holding a sign that says free hugs,(Calling people to join me)if that does not send me to jail.. But the T-shirt would still be awesome.

As most of you would not have known yet,i have been running this free hugs poll on random people that actually mean something in my life,no matter how small or random,you still get asked.(Unless you have not been online for god knows long)

Well i just got the results when i asked the 10th person.Everyone was given a “FREE HUGS!” Msg and then ignored for the rest of the day.I would like to call it a “Reaction poll”I might carry out more in the future,but please don’t expect any so to not ruin the poll.

Oh yeah,results.Well what i can derive from those that answered were

Those that didnt account to who i was before replying.

Those who really didn’t know what to say.

Those who clearly didn’t pay attention.

And a those who are just weird like that.It’s a good thing.

I wont post all the reply’s cause most of them just repeat themselves with a “What?”,”ok…”

And the most “friendly” reply comes from the most unexpected places.

Jen – O.o HUGS! LOL.

Others were just unique,

Ab – Who are you and what have you done with mikhael?

Lin – Sorry mine are 10 cents,its against my principles to do business with a rival.

Oh but my personal favorite was from Dawn.


Oh that’s not the good part.

“Dude, you can;t just disappear and hug random people without an explanation.

Well that was the only person that chased me for a reply.Dawn i know your a very interesting person to talk to.haha (Envy’s ab~)

The poll ends with the result of

(1/10) of people on Msn readily accept free hugs.

Oh before i forget todays QFM is ”          “Because it takes up half of your contact list.

Monday,your worst nightmare – Mikuhaeru

*I do apologize if this “Reaction Poll” has make you feel uncomfortable for the past 2 to 3 days,if you have,consult your doctor as you make have contracted a strange mental disease.Thank you for your time*