The other side of the field.

by Mikuhaeru

Doing what he does.

What we do know,will never hurt a thing.

Right now at Ab’s house and waiting to use the wii,or just going to roll around.

Really nice house and all,even though walking down the stretch was kind of weird.Because left or right,all the houses looked the same.Exactly the same the same.Same color,same shape.With a few(two)exceptions.Its been awhile since i was on the 3rd story in the house.

@ Ab,I’m sure no one gives a crap about the  picture too.

Anyway Mr E has come up with the idea of a 100 ton sniper shell that assassinates nothing,but country’s.

Was invited to a BBQ this sat in the most proper way possible,Quote “MIKE,BBQ,SATURDAY,BRING YOUR FRIENDS,I DON’T CARE,YOU IN.

I guess it was a appropriate way to invited someone that way,especially since he’s one of my good friends since primary school but moved to AU to further his study’s. Just to let anyone know,i meet him in the same time i meet ab,and coincidentally both of them were well known in the school for probably the worst things.

Everything is going to turn out fine.

Oh and the QFM today is “=D =D =D =D =D =D” Because everyone goes crazy some time or other.=D =D

I’m off to play Mario cart.Have a good one.

The trees dig their way back in to the ground at the sigh of him. – Mikuhaeru