by Mikuhaeru


Enjoying my walks with one eye open though the fallen flowers and leaves,i guess its spring.

Well,Singapore is a tropical country..No four seasons and all.But the deprived(Me) has made his own seasons,and I’m sure others have too.

When flowers bloom,its SPRING.

When leaves fall,its FALL.

When its really hot and you-wish-you-were-in-a-fridge-or-some-other-cold-place,its SUMMER.

When it rains non-stop during the December holidays and ruins all your plans for outdoor activity’s,ITS WINTER.

Or we could just have summer all year round.

which cause old people to hold umbrellas on a sunny afternoon.EMBRACE THE SUN,YOUR NOT DEAD YET!

Another thing i was worried about was

the way the teachers are teaching in school,after going though a lot in the pit of hell called life,and decided it might be in my best interest to actually study.After preparing myself for the worst and removing all distractions,i noticed something else.It was not my fault that i was not going as well as I’m suppose to,the teachers are not doing a very good job,yet,i guess,ish,what?… I have enough of your talks “math teacher”…TEACH ME!DO YOUR WORST!!!!

In actually news,

a woman drove to MacDonald to ordered some Mac Nuggets.But MacDonald doesn’t sell Mac Nuggets at 2.30  am in the morning.So what does she do?

Does she,

A:Go to a next outlet and try her luck there.

B:Order fries instead.


C: Allegedly put her fist through the eatery’s drive-thru window.

…take a guess.

The January 1 McNuggets rage incident resulted in Dushane, 24, being arrested for felony vandalism and booked into the Lucas County jail.


And QFM today would be “Homework…” Because you have not done yours.

Have a good day.

What if i lag out there?i heard there’s no re spawn in real life. – My class desk

Yours truly? – Mikuhaeru