by Mikuhaeru

[Insert picture of my day here]

Sunday morning,waking up at 11.Lunch with Zach in the afternoon.And thought i would be late for Jubeat after that,and rushed to play just in time for a few games.

Sitting at the ticketing booth today,and today was busy.. or at least busier then when i was there on Friday.

Doing things to make people happy,I don’t know if anyone else noticed.But i did.Hope things go well for you,cause i see myself while you walk.

Learn lots of things today.From things i never knew at all,to things that just confirmed my doubts.Things just get better and better.

I enjoyed my day.Although it was really,REALLY short.

Thanks for everyone participating in my daily life.

Today was filled with one sided relations,i could make a book – Mikuhaeru