Giving you everything except the answer.

by Mikuhaeru

Could you at least tell me what it is then?


You believe that everyone is out to get you,and that pillows are cool.You will now receive nothing but breakfast for the rest of your LIFE.

Now that that’s over,i was teaching a small group of children today and this particular child was giving me a headache.One because he was running all over the place,and if he didn’t get what he wanted,he would bite himself.

What gave me the headache was my brain trying really hard to figure out how where how and when did this three year old boy learn to do something like that.Causing pain to himself to get what he wants so that people that care about him would want him to stop?

Its either he has really “emo” parents or hes trying out for the emo kid of the week.Which in fact he has competitors.

I recently heard that a three year old girl would hold her breath if she didn’t get what she wanted,and another boy with banging his head on the wall also aged three.So its either one of two,one that 1997 is a year where emo little baby’s spawn from the pits of “.. hmm” and then later turn in to emo baby’s which i will worry later of when they will grow up.Or two,we have a lot suicidally children nowadays.. Not that i love dead baby’s.

I don’t..

Anyway i dealt with the kid in the best possibly way i could(Or the only way i could).I stared at him in disbelieve.Which in five minute’s,he stopped,looked at me,and cried.

So being the kind person everyone knows me for,il held up the item he wanted really badly to cause hurtful acts to one’s self.Which in the event stopped him from crying,and handed it to the child next to him.And i have them both a smile and continued what i was doing before.


For lunch i went with a group of adults to eat this “famous” yong to fu place.It so happens i was really hungry and my whole world came crashing down on sight of the menu.Which only consist of 7 dishes.6 being vegetables and 1 being egg.quails egg.

In the end there was a little bit of meat HIDDEN in the tofu,bean curd and such and i was wondering if they were running some vegetarian cult and had to hide all that meat to serve it to their customers.

The food was really bland,and it feel like they were cutting open my stomach and throwing rocks in it just to fill up space.Both pain and taste wise because i think the gastric juices were kicking in because our body does not register ROCKS.

Good night,you made it to the end. – Mikuhaeru