by Mikuhaeru

Time as it was seen.

Today I’m actually going to review cigarette prices.

Don’t be alarmed.. i just thought it was interesting.

It so happens that “7 11” has always been selling cigarettes at 12.20 sgd which would be 20 cents more then the suggested retail prices.Because most stalls don’t open till late,most people just put up with the 20 cents extra charges.But as the years went by,and more stalls started to open 24 hours,people would not buy cigarettes from 7 11 and soon not visit the shop anymore.Looking at it as an expensive place to shop.Soon affecting the sales by a lot in the first few months.

They then returned the price to 12 sgd after.. two years.

Really?it look you two years of noticeable drop in sales to return the prices?

Hooray for Singapore’s economy!


i was thinking about how i get really hungry at 10 am on weekdays which is usually my recess in school.But when it comes to weekday during a holiday,i just don’t feel hungry at all.

Is it safe to say that bio clocks time one year round?Just a thought.

While my dad was sending me home,he randomly deiced to talk about the day of screaming females,which he though i was torturing.. The content of the talk was not important besides the fact that i told him to grow a brain and he make me realize that even girls think like normal humans.

also out of the blue ensuring me that a female would like me one day.Because i have his genes…(WHAT?!)

Omfg.. that explains everything.. I’m gonna be single for life..

Quick time events? – Mikuhaeru