Swan sickness.Swan,sickness.

by Mikuhaeru

Lay of your hash comments..


Its not a mutated swan.

Its not a hydra.

Its not Medusa’s head,i don’t care if it gave you the stone gaze.


The shading is a little off.

i didn’t make the steam obvious enough.

i did put in effort.

I hope to put something like that in my exam.

What is it exactly?

I know you probably came here to laugh at my pain and suffering but lets get this over with.(Because there probably isn’t any today)

Its suppose to be a swan with a floral body.

i know..

Anyway since i forgot to bring my notebook to school again,let me entertain you with Mr.E’s “magical hand” that make fat people shiver in fear just by lifting it!

Well.. I’m shivering,not in fear but i have a cold..and i feel like a fountain.*sniff*

I only caught the cold after touching my math’s work and stuff and stared leaking from the head every 5 minutes.After about an hour i guess the best thing to do was to close the windows which was open with strong wind blowing at my face all the while.*sniff*

After that didn’t work i noticed the fan blowing at my back at full speed.I guess the smart thing to do was to turn it off.I was cured.

For 15 minutes.*sniff sniff*

and the cold goes on with me sneezing randomly everywhere.i cant help it.

I was gonna talk about how sad it is to be bounded by a *sniff sniff* powerless force in to not being able to hurt ANYONE!Ask sim would say,”its right there but you cant do anything.”*sniff*

But instead i will be complaining how irritating sickness can be,especially *sniff* cold’s..

10 5 3 ways how to not make a light bulb.

Sickness – you want i when your in school

School – you want it when your sick.

*Sniff sniff* This sucks. – Mikuhaeru