Long live the king.

by Mikuhaeru

Singapore's River

I thought i took a good picture.

Anyway on with your life! God save the queen.

Today is the kind of day,

you just sit back and relax,and think over what has happen.Remembering your good … wait.. what happened today.Back to the morning where i would up and realized that it wasn’t my bio-clock that was waking me up early in the morning during a Saturday and that it was the sun piercing through the cheap window binds.

Got up and played the computer until three,when for lunch.

Helped friend  with some program stuff.

Was late.. I’m sorry again.

got lost.. yes dawn it IS your fault.

had pizza.Heard dawn cheat while singing.. and,i sat. down.

I guess that’s about it.This can only be concluded in two things.One – I spend a really long time playing on the computer. or Two – i was really late.


Right,this would probably take about a week or so to derive the winners or to make everything fair and such,the end of February.Personally i already though up a few nominees myself.You probably should help!

Yes I’m already working on it.

Yes i will shower the winner of seven with potato chips or desired snack.

I’m just here for your company – Mikuhaeru