by Mikuhaeru

‘I miss night life’

Today wasn’t a very interesting day.Because i was paying attention in school!Yes,that’s it!

Today is declared the first every scocial studys lesson i have had this year.

But its almost the end of January..

YES I KNOW!! My first ever SS lesson was delayed by .. a lot,by motivational talks etc,  …etc.

Lessons didn’t take place for such a long time that even the most horrid of students were begging to study,something.

Since nothing else happened for the rest of the day i throw at you,


Most sporting – Ab,will keep trying his best when trying to win Isaac in COD4 but is disqualified when he cheating when blowing everyone up with grenade launchers.

Hardcore Isaac,buys every single new game that comes out of the PC to the point he spends welfare money on them.Sim – Going to the arcade everyday to play jubeat till the point the quote “i met your mum at the arcade” could be pulled both ways to make it look like he married the machine.

Genuinely good – Ab nominated his ego for this but i find it really weird if i had to personally shower it with it’s favorite snack under human blood,and i woulden be surprised if it did win 7 awards like most interesting,most irritating,most anonymous,tallest,most useful and most costly.So im going to nominate anyone’s heart when they give me a pie.

Most interesting – As Ab’s ego competes for this one im a bit worried to let it pass so i nominated Sim for most interesting dress code.isaac for most interesting humor and probably myself for methods of eating,puppys.Then there’s always dawn’s answer for the free hugs poll.

Most shiny – Clara was nominated for this one by jen.But i would personally nominate Dawn for when i saw her hands during the holidays my god were they shiny.. she beats rainbows hands down.haha,hands down..

Most irritating – Maybe im nominated for this one inside some peoples heads but maybe something interesting might pop up.I will nominate Dominic for this category,a classmate of mine full of empty promises.

Most habits – Ab’s was nominated by himself for this one but is then challenged none other then his ego.Kind of weird looking at someone fighting with his inner ego.But yes,that’s what ego is all about.

Most anonymous – This would probably be your lack of imagination because i wasn’t getting any help with this at all.Yes i know it’s only happening in my head but throw me a bone already..

Weirdest – Since i recently meet up with the group called “stranger then weird” i could practically nominate everyone here.Out of that i nominate the man would died after watching avatar the movie.

Tallest – Then again this was never meant for height issues,so i guess even jen could go for this one.Then again that’s a height issues.So i guess I’ll nominate my brother who would be the tallest for his stomach when lying down.

Shortest – Then again Jen pops up here cause of a mild reference to height.Then again shortest hair would be dedicated to Ab for the time he shaved his head.And Jen Simlin Clara and dawn for the shortest attention span.

Most useful – Dominic would be nominated for this when he proclaimed to the class that he was a helpful person.Other then that i would nominate him for most irritating for when i just thought since he was new to the class i would be nice to him and then suddenly he acted like he was everyone’s best friend.Then there’s Aaron,convenient IT help at your doorstep,you stalker.

Most pending – I guess this would go to people that don’t fit in any of the above,which is weird cause i though i covered almost everything.But then again this goes to Mr timothy chan for his indecisive thoughts about going out or not..

Most costly – Well Clara was nominated for this one and after looking though the reason,it made jen look very cheap.I personally nominate my latest investment 5 GW green laser “touch”. Costing close to 200SGD!

I would probably announce the winners next month or so in search of more people trying to fit in any of the categories.

Help would be much appreciated.Thanks!

Because i look from a view that no one wants to enter. – Mikuhaeru