by Mikuhaeru


I thought it was pretty cool.Just something i thought of.


after hearing about a bag check taking place.I headed over to the sickbay to rest with Mr.E and timothy,with a “headache”.After awhile i begin to worry if the teachers would come in to check on me.So i took out a old wonder,my ingrown toe and asked if they look do anything to make it look serious.Soon after 5 minutes i was attacked with cans of skin anesthetic.

After some struggling from the shock of how cold it was.I started to enjoy the effects of not being able to feel pain.Pinching myself didn’t hurt.Punching a wall could go on till the effects wore off.

I am so buying a can.

The chem teacher was explaining how compounds were formed in the most disturbing way … ever.Explanations soon made Sulphate a hoe.And how non-reactivity meant getting your wife stolen away.

Yes its good that lessons are getting interesting but i think we are jumping right of the line of normal excitement.

If anyone had noticed

that i send out a email forwarded by a friend about dolphins getting killed and how everyone could play apart to stop it.By all mean’s I’m not into animal cruelty.And my support goes out to anyone that could have made a difference.

But it seems my attempt to help out in the only way i could is when everyone saw who they were getting it from.If you didn’t know,my email goes something under the lines of Blood – Line – Killer.

This man is supporting a  “save the dolphins” campaign?? YES!DAMN IT!

Don’t mind me.Really.. don’t.

Award ceremony.

Well Jen just nominated herself for the shortest amusement span.

And it makes me wonder WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!

the un-updated nominees are below the posts so go have a look.

Thanks for any amount of support.

Have a great Wednesday.

Information cows,don’t just eat them. – Mikuhaeru