But it hits you in the face.

by Mikuhaeru

My lifes events

are currently like a reoccurring decimal.. The hated period of my life seems to be rotating and hitting me over and over again with different characters..I’m not complaining about anyone,just events that happen.The little playground of my mind

I was first greeted this morning by ab’s confusion of 1 o’clock and 10 0’clock which doesn’t normally happen..

Yes,people dont usually get confused with those numbers like that.


was fun and all,got to meet interesting people.Besides the fact that Sim was really late and almost got me pissed off because he was defiantly wasting his time at the arcade while he was SUPPOSE TO MEET ME EARLY!

Went to Simlin’s house today,really nice place and almost the same as ab’s place except more cramped at the stairs area.Spend most of the time playing cards while rebuking every attempt clara threw to play stress with her buy throwing it back with any other game.I won my fair share of matches today.

I love the cats pur.

Tomorrow is another day at school.Anyone mentally prepared?

Didn’t think so..

Didn’t think i mattered.You showed me worth- Mikuhaeru