Probably unnoticed

by Mikuhaeru

Does everyone change when opportunity slap them right in the face?

Then probably the next question i ask would be why?”Biting the hand that feeds you” was never transformed in to a encouraging statement.I need to know if anyone is not truly selfish.Being put aside when no longer needed will never get them very far.

In your game of hide and seek,I always win.

Starting the day tired

was never a good thing.. needed to show my face in assembly today to show my form teacher that i was alive.I want that skin antistatic!…

Halogen gases.I was told in a joke about how it made to be all innocent and all because of its “Halo” but then later noticed they contain really poisonous gases.Nothing like a little chemistry to show how innocents really work.

I’m sure everyone’s happy that the weekend’s almost here.Isaac’s staying over this week and its really nice to have company on a weekend.Or at least my weekends.

and omg I’m love my bass.My room is literally shaking!!!

Party in the house?It makes my heart beat.

Maybe I just can’t make up my mind.

Oh and this is my ONE HUNDREDTH POST!*Fireworks fireworks**Parade parade**Cartwheels**Fails*

There was a time,when kindness had a place in my dreams. – Mikuhaeru