Hi there,this is what I do.

by Mikuhaeru

Hi there,this is my classThis is what I do.

Can’t blame me for it.

Someone is using my “side entrance” to enter school.. The wasp’s nest that made me careful has been taken away,making it open for all to see.I find myself running and hiding these few days.Something is making me careful,but i can’t remember what.

My math test today was really easy.i think i got 95%.If you know my academic standard,you would realize how easy it must have been.Although i deserve some credit for studying.Yes,i do.

TOTAL DEFENSE DAY,was thrown in today’s CME/RME combined period.A Catholic Brother came in to share his story’s with constant reminder that violence is never the answer.Now where have i heard that before.. oh yes,YOU.

A classmate soon asked him to tell that to our principal,to stop caning and all.Which was then replied with,some violence is good.

“Sometimes you have to have to be cruel to be kind.”

Oh i would certainly agree with you if not for that stake placed inches away from my heart.

Actions speak louder then words?Perhaps?Maybe?Please?

Blood testing one two there.FOUR.

Reading an article about suggested diets according to their blood type.

Being a blood type O,it seems I’m a high protein meat eater.

Type A being vegetarian

Type B being balanced omnivores


Type AB being Mixed diet.

Check out http://www.dadamo.com/ for a summary of what its all about.

Of course its not going to effect me in anyway,just a little something to know.

Realized why someone should never received too much power.Why are we the ones to decide who lives or die.What’s a chance to those who never gets it.

Chinese new year week!!!Although I have almost no respect or regard to the olden Chinese belief’s and customs,i still have it for the people.Or rather i just find then ridiculous.Send me away,invite me to stay.

Happy new year,again

– Mikuhaeru