Might that be ..

by Mikuhaeru

This is NOT NCDCC,this is the drama club.

Well Mr.E and his NCDCC members are helping out the drama club for “I have no idea” purpose.All the actors are the ones lying down bandaged,and some even sleeping.. Go schools drama club!..

Anyway It’s 10.2.10,

and I thought i would thinking about what had happen before this year.

I realized I think too much about anything small and unimportant..Thinking three or four steps about anything said to me.So happen today everything seemed to revolve around it.

Opening a old wound that no one every knew was there.

Choosing not to think they meant evil makes everyone a little happier.Thinking too much has never been such a big problem.

I drew a sort of mind map in Chinese class.Pointing out common things without detail about everyone’s life line.With different options for various people.

But little did everyone know that there is an option at every arrow pointing to the next step in life.A little thing called death.

At any point of time would would be thrown in to the category of sickness.

Asking yourself,if you knew you only had a day to live,would you do anything different?

When the answer becomes no for a few days,something is very wrong.Since when did everyday life become a time waster?

I was told never to settle for second best,and I haven’t.Throwing regret away.

And suddenly I feel a little sadder inside..


I’ve started composing my song,but I’m no where near even starting it.Things will get better once the software has been tried out.

Don’t worry,I’m used to the long wait. – Mikuhaeru
Oh and I have to show my hate and anger for those sending me the stupidest chain letters.

..I guess this would be it.

Is nice.

Is not.