Total defence!

by Mikuhaeru

Higher authority: Since it is total defense,

We will make you listen to what happened during world war two EVERY YEAR and give you worksheets about total defense for awareness because we think the talkS are never close to enough!

To top it all off,I should confiscate all your food and drinks during recess so you will have a full and wonderful experience!!


– Your friendly Singapore education system.

Sorry to let you down but..

Reunion dinner with Ab Mr.E and Lim.

National conspiracy is not the only thing we learn every year.

And yes,I cooked.I though i did i pretty good job especially since i woke up at 6 AM IN THE MORNING! ps.I usually wake up at 7..8.. 30.

Had a great meal,Aaron brought some delicious cookies.But one thing that really bugged me was the amount of people sitting around,staring at the food.Starting at me .. eating..

During math period someone suddenly decided to play a prank on the teacher buy turning ever table around.

Oh and I sit at the empty table beside the red box.

Fun times,haha.


Anything for you,Anything and everything. – Mikuhaeru