by Mikuhaeru

Are those really friendship peanuts??..

To everyone that matters and cared for me.. Happy valeCHINESE NEW YEARR!!!!!entines day?..Hey where did you come from..

If constantly being overshadowed was not enough,appearing everywhere seemed like a good option to take.This holiday giant shows no mercy to anyone,not even wallets.

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes,hope that money stealing tactic works out for you.


  1. Waiting for cousins “that would not let me leave the house to play my computer” to come and make sushi.
  2. Oh .. Sushi.
  3. where was i..
  4. OH YES
  5. Number.. 6!
  6. Online games till late.
  7. Online games till EVEN lateR
  8. I think ab’s coming sometime.
  9. Sleep
  10. Dream,hopefully

Times are hard,can be used both ways when receiving Ang baos

Use them well young one,

But is anyone going shopping after the new years?call me.

and don’t spend it all too soon.

Purpose?..iv seen purpose. - Mikuhaeru