by Mikuhaeru

This post will be made up of everything going on inside my head.(Removing elevator music)

(And cricket sounds)

Tired.. back from Siang ler’s birthday party and dinner.. Suddenly realized how nice sunglasses are.Oh i maybe be getting a new pair of spec’s soon.Why am I thinking about donuts?.. Oh there’s school tomorrow.Hmm.Orangess..

Hacking my own computer.. Teaching others to hack their own computer.. Trying not to hack anyone’s computer.. Drama?.. oh,play.Drink.water.pool.stick.branch.tree.seeds.flowers.petals.oh I need to think about my art story about flowers.. Oh school.Studying..Reading.Books.Paper.Trees.Three’s!Math.Sim’s house.His dad.


Letters.Notes.Phone.Call.Truth  and or dare.Optional.Cheating.Haha cheating.Card games.No one found out.Yet.Food.Too much.Oil.Ate a lot.Wants to eat them now.Basketball.3 v 1.Winning.Corny Chinese dramas.Tired.Sleeping.Too much thought.Suspecting.Beating my own thoughts.Pushing self to other view.Wanting to stay.Private space.Respect.Improvement.Handle with care.Protecting.

Realizing that it was never suppose to be for myself.Remembering that is..Forever is a very long time.

In a world without ranking.What am I doing.Not thinking.Fear turned to respect.Crafted.Learning though the years.Still learning.Never want to regret.

For you.Always and forever.

Hardwork’s trying his best. – Mikuhaeru