by Mikuhaeru

Remembering the reason for why I blogged in the first place.I just can’t put my finger on it.. what’s happening now?

Hello hope,

Glad you could join me tonight.I see you’ve brought your friend breathless,I’ve heard so much about him but today I finally get to meet him.

You’ve let me down before.Lifted up to fall again?What do you have installed for me today and my days to come?

Sorry if I sound ungrateful but I can’t help suspect you when ever you appear.It’s not my fault is it?I’m suppose to be happy when breathless is around,but your records just make everything hard.

Oh,Heart sank.Your here too?Glad you could join us.Why am I feeling the aftermath before the nuke.

Enjoy your stay.I really love your company.

– Mikuhaeru

Getting things straighten out at the moment.Back to reality in five.