Possible Singapore MRT tracks..

by Mikuhaeru

Possible map of Singapore mrt stations.

I had to enlarge it 6-7 times to see it.. you can click on it to see the full thing.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nhll1UslDg << Click here to see an adorable hamster.

Went over to my dads place early today. Not like there was anything else to do. Still looking for a faster way to travel around Singapore. Singapore’s MRT system is still very discouraging..

I was sitting around on the MRT when I noticed a girl dressed in a Japanese kimono.She didn’t look like some confused Japanese girl that somehow ended up in Singapore but she really looked out of place.

Little did I know that the whole train was filled with people in kimonos,cos-play carrying huge steel-looking-Styrofoam-swords.”There must be a  convention near by”;Little Timmy said to himself.

I didn’t bother to check if there really was an  anime convention.. The banners costumes and the huge signs just weren’t enough to confirm it.

I was in a hurry.But I’ll probably check the news for it.

I have a study group tomorrow,hope it all goes well. Yes I do study.

Scissors Paper Stone. – Mikuhaeru
Just a little edit after receiving a few hundred views from google through “Singapore mrt 2010”

Someone tell me what’s going on?

Don’t tell me everyone’s suddenly interested in Singapore’s transport system.. are they?

No one’s gonna tell me? Fine.. Something is definitely wrong here..

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