A moment of silence please.

by Mikuhaeru

Sim’s officially cut his hair today after procrastinating since Sunday LAST WEEK.

As a small tribute to his beloved hair,

Move away,your blocking my paper model.

A moment of silence please.

Now that that’s over,

Time really fly’s doesn’t it,its already march.

It felt like moments ago It was during the December holidays where I was happily playing my computer.Still remember the time Sim was staying over.He kept commenting on how I didn’t leave my chair for more then 12 hours.

Those were the days?

I’m not that bad.

Not when I have the chance..

Sometimes programs can be much nicer then people ya know?Not that I can’t take “creative” criticism.Just not everyone likes my responds.

Now that the unimportant TA1’s are over,Its time to!!!

study again..

Nothing beats horrible results to tell you to go do work!

It’s like working for your worst enemy,you just don’t feel like doing a good job.Then he tells you your not doing a good job.And pays you lesser to work harder.

Their about the same,except exams don’t pay you.

Hope – Mikuhaeru

Dreams – Mikuhaeru

Ice cream – Mikuhaeru