“Give yourself a “gold” medal”

by Mikuhaeru

I laughed.


After going though random text I collect on my desktop.I can across my award ceremony sheet which I was suppose to release during February.

So I guess here it is?


Most sporting – I would have chosen ab for this category but since he cheated I have no choice but to throw the award to Joshua Isaac, for sportingly killing everyone in COD4 and making a big deal out of it. Good job to you,sir.

Hardcore – There was a close fight for this one and I find it really hard to give this award to either of them. So I’m going to toss this into the pit of ketchup and watch them fight to the death.

Genuinely good – I was given the option of giving it to ab, or to that random person which gave me a free apple pie coupon the other day. I’m probably going to kill myself for doing this but I’m going to be slowly handing this over to ab..But wait, that makes me “Genuinely good.” I guess I’ll go embrace  this award and give myself a pat on the back.

Most interesting – I’m very sure there are more interesting things then watching ab’s ego curse and swear at anything that has the word “opportunity” floating above it in huge imaginary font. So I’m giving this to dawn for her wonderful answer in the “Free hugs poll”. But that would not be very nice, So I’m throwing it at Isaac’s dance.

Most shiny – Twilight vampires were disqualified from this category since their probably the most shiny things on earth in the eyes of their fans. But I will proudly give this award to dawn’s hands during the holidays.

Most irritating – Would give this award to someone which I refuse to mention his name anywhere here and probably beat him to death with it. But.. never mind, you know who you are. Now go jump off a cliff.

Most habits – Since only ab and his ego was nominated for this category the obvious winner would be his ego.Yes,obviously.

Most anonymous – Since no one could think of anything for this one I’m going to give it to ab’s kind soul.Congraulations!!

Weirdest – This would probably be a draw. But since I have to name a winner I’m going to give it to Timothy Chan’s train of thought. You don’t want to go there…

Tallest – I thought it would be really funny if I gave this award to Jen. So I thought for awhile what I could possibly do. Tallest heels? Forget it I’m giving it to Ab’s ego.

Shortest – I would defiantly give this to Jen because I am currently haunted day by day by the effects of her extremely short entertainment span. Congratulations.

Most useful – Aaron takes this award, even though I pay him most of the time. He is currently one of the most helpful people there are.

Most pending – I would have thrown this award at anyone that could not decide anything simple on the spot and maybe club him to death with it. So this goes to the “vice chair-man” of my CCA, because I’m going to club him to death anyway.

Most costly – Aaron fights closely with my Green laser pointer for this one. But we all know the outcome when a man tries to fight with 5GW of light. Congratulations laser pointer.

Why can’t I remember writing any of that?..

and I really sound violent.haha

Things really change in a few months.

The kind heart would shine through – Mikuhaeru