by Mikuhaeru


I don’t care what anyone else says,

this is probably one of the most beautiful cat I have ever seen!

Come to think of it,I don’t think I’ve seen a cat with black and white stripes.

Can I take it home?


Don't look down, don't look back, I am beside you
Close your eyes, know, I'm here


Before I forget,Sim was forming puncuation with sounds,like some video we watching in class.

While trying to make a sentence with a comma,He said : “These are my children , (Name) … Oh shit..”

If you would like to know what was the name he put in his sentence,please spam him for the answer.Personally I think it's worth knowing for a small laugh.

Oh great now my floors gonna smell nice .. -Mikuhaeru
*Oh and I heard it’s international woman’s day.. kind of like for the females left out on mothers day.*