The longest run.

by Mikuhaeru

Words will not explain how epic Aaron and Mr.E's faces are.

Waiting for an hour,

for a plate of famous wanton mee really gets you thinking.. Although the food was good,my teh bing ruined the whole meal.

Why?Because it was half filled with condense milk.. and the other half filled with ice.The spaces in between the ice was filled with tea.God knows if they even added water..


Well not really,but go ahead to check it out. – Awareness test.

The weirdest way to avoid “But people in Africa are starving”

Aren’t you going to finish your food?

Nah,I’m full.

Think about it,the people in Africa are starving.

And that’s where its going! (WIN)

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin.

Has anyone heard of him?

This would be a perfect example of false/misused/misunderstood information.

After hearing story’s about how he was supposedly immortal and how he cheated death.

The story and wiki showed two different things.

Wiki might be an unreliable source,but it gets me thinking of how I should go around editing every web page I see.

Both were really interesting anyway.

– Appropriate background music –

Paying YOUR closest attention – Mikuhaeru