Small makeover while you’re away.

by Mikuhaeru

 	  Alt text for the image, e.g. “The Mona Lisa”Cake!

Well yes,it’s cake.

A small 12 by 12 perfect squared cake.

Thinking of buying it for the next birthday in line.Just because it’s a PERFECT square!!


Looking though everyone’s bank book makes me look like I’m waiting patiently for everyone to die.

I sound horrible.

But anyway,the guy next to me was drawing out some cash.A big stack of purple notes was shuffled though a Money Counter.

It was far to big to be two dollar notes,and I had the shock of my like when the number hit fifty.

He had just drew out fifty THOUSAND dollars in cash,and walked away with money in hand.

“ahh that’s normal at any bank,you’re just deprived of the outside banking world”

No I’m sorry I don’t sit around banks waiting for people to draw out money,and I’m nothing close to rich ..

Just had lunch

with my mum’s friend and her eight year old son.Suddenly I sound a lot more mature in voice.. Having to correct every little life skill he had.He is the definition of random.

One of the very weird conversations when around ,

You are a man.

Erm,yes I am.

But I will show you this net,that can catch a lot of fish!

Ermm.. Okay.


(Eye’s wide open)

Soon after I was lectured about marriage.. to a computer..

which then moved on to females.The best think to do then,was to grab a drink and politely ignore the child’s questions.

Which I did.

And then distracted him with sweets.

I dislike over active children..

If anyone had noticed,

the theme,arrangement,Up down left right etc etc has changed.(Basically almost the whole blog has changed)

This is my small attempt for a even smaller makeover..

(I currently have my right hand tied behind my back)

(You would not believe how long I took to do this)


I love screaming at the sky – Mikuhaeru