Build you a river.

by Mikuhaeru


after months of having an empty shelf in the hallway,my uncle finally set up the fish tank.I’m not really sure what kind of set up that was,but it sure looks nice.

From what I heard,there are only four of these kind of tanks in the world.Well,cause he’s the one that made it.

Some sort of advertisement would be nice for him I guess..


Forget it.. he’s just really talented.


A few secondary 1’s were put send to understudy me,cause I’m in charge of a computer there.


Aunty ** asked us to learn from you.

Okay,have you learned anything about this before?

Yeah,Kenny thought us last week.

Okay then,you’re first task for today is to go fill this cup with hot water.


I know,I shouldn’t have left the teh tarik out in the cold.

I’m not your slave!

Hurry,it’s getting colder.

*I got what I wanted*

And that’s what children are for.

Been listening to kiss the rain for almost 7 hours now..

apparently I’m not the only one going sick of it. Still,awesome song!

Not noticing the difference even if it rained clumps of blu tac. – Mikuhaeru