by Mikuhaeru

The giving treeAnd the tree was happy.

This book has stayed with me for a long time,and has just came out to say hello for awhile.

Anyone that want’s an alternate ending for this story can check out “The very,very giving tree” on youtube.I’m not responsible for any emotional trauma of any sort.

Does anyone know if there’s problems with MSN?I’ve never seen so little people online before.. even the one’s that are on 24 hours a day are offline..

Well,it seems it’s more then online contacts that are missing..

Words will not explain how much I hate girls that play L4D2.

Especially the screaming ones..

“oh how much I hate you so”,just doesn’t say it right.. *Breath in* – –

Listen to the raindrops for they’ve been crying for you. – Mikuhaeru