Wait.. Shoulden’t I be somewhere else?

by Mikuhaeru

Can I take it home?NEKO!

The feeling of looking at something,wanting it,and not being able to keep it is something no one wants to get.

It’s like when someone gives you a back scratch.Make’s you feel really good after awhile,but they just walk away before it’s done.Leaving you with a little spot that still itches and you can’t reach it by yourself.

Showing you the wonders of the world,and then how you’ll never make it there.

Maybe there’s nothing worst,then dying with your eyes open.

Did I just derive all of that from a cat?

ehhh.. Your fault.


Erm.. anything < < < < (It doesn’t want to die)

Look,just tell me what you want to eat already!…

Youth.It might give you up. – Mikuhaeru