Wait and hope,good afternoon.

by Mikuhaeru

I found it like that,it was begging for a picture.


At Sim’s house right now.Staying over for E-Learning day tomorrow.Sometimes I think this day was made so that students could test out the “E-Learning theory” as to replace school in the later future.

Anyway,his parent’s brought me out for dinner at a nice restaurant.With a free flow of drinks (Teh Tarik),I never thought it would be possible to walk out without some leaking out of my ears.

Oh and I bought some stuff at the last 5 minutes a bookstore was open.Yes,I shop once and awhile.But I rarely go out with the sole purpose of “Shopping”.

If all goes well,this is the point where my life changes for the better.I hope everything goes well and nothing major gets in my way..

Okay,I feel sick.

Hopes,you may arrive. – Mikuhaeru