Hello,I am your NEW docter.

by Mikuhaeru

What am I doing here..

So this is what the lack of sleep does.

Or too much sleep.Either way.Why am I wearing a glove?And why is my right hand over there?

Maybe you would like some ICE CREAM!!!

After being spoiled for choice yesterday at Ice cream chief’s.I just realized that all the flavors I ate tasted like.. “Chocolate with Hershey’s”,”Ch0colate with more chocolate” and “Chocolate with crunchy chocolate bits” Mixed in with chocolate bars.

“May I drowned you in chocolate today?”

and yes,I would like more.

here is my iDDDD!!!! < For my laughter only,turn away from the screen for a moment.




I think I’m going crazy …

I’ll let myself out after due time,eventually. – Mikuhaeru