by Mikuhaeru

I think he's lost.He must be lost.

CCA’s just a drag.

Bowling at kallang.

Well,yes.No one really expected much of it.

Was not informed where to go,no one could be found,teachers are late and no shuttle bus?

Disorganized… Hmm,at least I wasn’t trapped in some prize giving ceremony PRACTICE.haha~


  • Attend prize giving ceremony,get some (probably pathetic) free food.
  • Go out with Isaac and burn the night.
  • Go dad’s place and play computer
  • play catching on the highway at 3am. < That’s technically a Saturday.
  • Study.

Hmm.. I could do one and two .. and number 4 is just tempting.

Okay that’s it.. No more coffee.. – Mikuhaeru