Today,during tomorrow.

by Mikuhaeru

Post about your weird day tomorrow,now Mikhael,tell me how you really feel.

Okay.. *Breathes in*

FU *Elevator music*

If you didn’t know,it’s not just a swear word.It relives a lot of stress.And it does it well.

Socially unacceptable behavior is always comfortable.Like .. brushing your teeth in a swimming pool.Or jumping around in a lift,full of elderly people. It’s not illegal,just frowned upon.

Not everything comfortable is the best for you.Example of where I am now.I’m not a very nice person.And my mask is starting to melt.

Or might it be the other way around.

It gets hard after awhile,finding your way of life.It sucks to know everyone wants you,but no body likes you.

Hell hates you,heaven doesn’t want you.

After walking through what you could call “The finer side” to life.Everything’s just distracting.It’s all good,but.. distracting.The more “Comfortable” side doesn’t seem all that good after that.Sure it’s fun,but jealously kicks you in the head and tells you your missing out.

Then again there isn’t really a way back anymore.

Opportunity,present yourself.You will let me down again.

I heard heaven’s a nice place. I just need a break. – Mikuhaeru