by Mikuhaeru

Yesterday was supposedly my last day of cca this year. As I was happily walking to my cca room,I was suddenly dragged off to a wonde horrible place,filled with computers as I reluctantly demoralized my opponents slowly with a slight smile.

Wait that’s not the point..

Soon after,I walked to “Challenger” accompanied by Mr.E to buy a router so I couldĀ mercilessly destroy and tear apart replace my old router.

After leaving the shop with a grin and a mind with exciting plans,a shop a few meters away caught Mr.E’s eye.

“San’s bookshop”

*Cough cough cough* … anyway,I really can’t describe his reactions and actions when he ran through the shop. His “Heaven” was no larger then my house.

The shop is said to have “Rare/ … well basically books that he reads. Does the word WARHAMMER remind you of anything?

You could tell the guy was happen with phrases like..

I can die happy.

If I die now,I have no regrets.

The world has no more problems.

Well.. your still here..

The worlds OTHER problems are gone!

haha,that makes one of us.

When you want to love,but she doesn’t want to take it,direct it to those around you.

I think I heard that years ago.

Before you make any quick conclutions like “All Indians are gay”,please remember.

There are female Indians.

It’s just the beginning. – Mikuhaeru