You won’t drown,trust me.

by Mikuhaeru

Nothing will go as planned.

and it will only get worst.

Well,the original plan was to swim in Bedok swimming complex during sports day at about 7+ 8 while the school was having their competitions.I also wanted to sleep in the pool.

After swimming for a few hours,and meeting up with those that actually went for the sports day,we would head over to parkway for some.. recreational games.

We ended up having to start playing our games first because of the rain.Not that we can’t swim during a lightning storm,just that no one would let us.Because of that I ended up having to swim in the afternoon,during peak hours,while I was full of energy.

Swimming?In a pool?Ha!

Go swim in your room and leave me to my sleep.

But overall,we had loads of fun,and under my newly revised standards,it means something.

Lunch was terrible.

KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Kentucky – state of America.

Is selling egg tarts.

And if you look at the menu closely,or a few miles away,you would know very well that their trying to sell you chicken.Or at least until you taste it.

Since I’m going to compare,I’ll give it a fair competitor.It’s called vegetarian food.


  • Most or all their chicken is coated with flour and I’ll be very worried if that wasn’t flour.. cause I hope it wasn’t plastic.
  • Come to think of it,even the egg tarts are made of flour.
  • Mashed potatoes,are made from powder.
  • I hope the fries are not made of flour,but they sure taste like it.
  • “Winglets” or Flour on bones,taste like flour.
  • Flour taste like flour,and they made sure of that.

Vegetarian food.

  • Every meat they serve is not meat,but flour,and probably a lot of flavoring.
  • Menu could be changed to “Meat flavored flour,fish flavored flour and vegetables.All sets come with rice”
  • Fish does not taste like fish.
  • Meat doesn’t tas Basically,they have their own idea of meat.

As if my rage about KFC didn’t give away the winner,

I will justify the victory of the vegetarian food.

Even though both have their main ingredient as flour,KFC doesn’t do a very good job of hiding it.If you’re gonna sell flour at least make it chocolate flavored or something.

Vegetarian’s actually took some effort culturing flour instead of jamming it down your throat with a slogan “It’s finger licken good” < That’s right,I went there.

In other words,if you were to give an award to the winner,instead of “Best food award” you could give it something like “Best way to trick your consumers into eating food you cook up while using extremely cheap ingredients like FLOUR”

My blood is 110% sucrose – Mikuhaeru