Indecisive technology

by Mikuhaeru

My router just sprang back to life,it’s a good thing,but I can’t help but be pissed at it.

Mercy killing technology.

“Want to die,cannot die”

You want to kill “it” but you can’t.Sometimes smashing it against something really helps it.But why?

I think “hitting” it helps in some cases because it tightens lose parts?

But there is a big difference between hitting to “tighten” and smashing it tell it becomes loser,or in other words,in pieces.

Don’t you wish they had feelings,so your cursing and swearing would have a little effect?

Then maybe hitting your computer into submission could work every once and awhile.But like every other interrogations,your victim is useless when dead.

Food for thought,Mikhael.

… Leave me alone..

Wishing for the 3rd road in life. – Mikuhaeru