The lies behind the truth.

by Mikuhaeru


Truth relates to the present set of circumstances, where the findings are discovered to be true.


True relates to a past set of circumstances, where the truth prevailed.

True pertains to a fact of an universal truth. Truth is the combination of true facts.

Truth can have a variety of meanings.

“The question of what is a proper basis for deciding how words, symbols, ideas and beliefs may properly be considered true, whether by a single person or an entire society, is dealt with by the five major substantive theories.”

Truth has five major theories.

“Truth is also said of the veridical belief in the existence of something.”

Truth may not exists in the 12 dimensions of creation.


“A lie is a type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement.”

Untruthful statement.

“A true statement can be used to deceive.”

Lying is an intention.

“An emergency lie is a strategic lie told when the truth may not be told.”

Lying can be used strategically.

“A liar is a person who is lying or who has previously lied.”

We are all liars.

“Once a lie has been told there can be two alternative consequences: it may be discovered or remain undiscovered.”

A lie is only waiting to be discovered.

Thinking to much makes my head hurt..

The truth is only a matter of personal opinion.

“Lie detectors measure the physiological stress a subject endures in a number of measures while he/she gives statements or answers questions. Spikes in stress are purported to indicate lying.”

It is not a lie,if you believe it’s not.

… My head just stopped thinking.. Looks like I still have a few problems to solve on my own..

To be continued?.. my personal opinions just went down the drain.

Smile,smile. – Mikuhaeru