by Mikuhaeru

There he goes again..

I suddenly forgot how my day went..

Or what I had for breakfast.

what I did in school.

and I was suppose to be doing.

what YOU suppose to be doing.

Maybe being paralyzed waist up a few moments ago has something to do with it.

While looking around parkway,

Hey a it’s *shop that sells Korean products*!

Look there’s some chips!

Look there’s some detergent! *Smiles*


MOUSEHUNT,in a cheese shoppe.

Hi,I would like about 200 brie please.

Here’s 200 drums of brie,how do you plan to carry it?

No idea.. I guess like how I carried all my other explosive traps next to my hundreds of potions.

Ahh,okay,by the way that would be about forty thousand in euros.

Oh,and we only accept coins.

One.. two..

Pictures of Ab’s hair being cut have been uploaded,go have a laugh,or at least it was funnier when we were here.

And thanks two foreign people that commented somewhere?

Painless,painless – Mikuhaeru