Days without you.

by Mikuhaeru

Loneliness is cured with YOU.

Not him.

Not her.

But YOU.

Not any other.

I love my interesting/mental/funny/soft/comfortable/crazy friends.

YOU‘re probably one of them.

So just a quick  run though of what happened today so I can get back to daydreaming.

(Picture of 2 cups of coffee here,delayed because of extremely bad internet connection.Yes,not mine)

Orchard,land of the free cupped drinks.

After passing through orchard road,I walked away with cup of 100 plus and Starbucks coffee in hand.

Orchard ION

Wonderful place to shop and hang out,

if your with/or a girl that wants to shop for nothing else but clothes.

Orchard ION is another one of those expensive place’s that sells major branded clothes jewelery and accessory.

With perfume bottles the size of a cooking wok,there shouldn’t be anything missing from this huge shopping mall.

Well,size is usually overrated because this 8 story giant of a mall had it’s top 3 levels as car parks. parks.

They make up for it buy having another a 3 level basement,which actually have shops that I could go in without being stared at.

You probably have been there before so maybe I’ll tell you something you might not know.

There’s an art gallery on the 5th floor.It’s “Good” rate touches the heavens while it’s “Bad” rate digs the hellS.

You will still get lost the 5th time you go there.

The food court sells a huge bowl of prawn noodles. 12SDG.

My feet we’re going to bleed if I walked another step..

Somewhere in orchard.

Sim went to cut his hair,so I just tagged along.

While waiting for his sister to finish.We went to look at directory’s to find anything interesting shops.

and the only shop that we found that wouldn’t have gotten us arrested if we entered was this place called FunZ box.

Which you could pronounce as FunzZZz box,cause their clearly trying to prove a point.

Other then that,we learned that,

The diary isn’t a stationary shop.

FC supply’s doesn’t sell art materials.


JeanZ don’t cater for the males.

Will call to complain to Singtel tomorrow because technicians are sent to find the problem,and not able fix them.

Missed you.

Open up. – Mikuhaeru

Oh and by the way,Mr.E finally made a blog.

something along the lines of In the presents of a god?..

Check him out,awesome guy.

Just spend about an hour video calling him.