by Mikuhaeru

In a ever ready gaming industry,

Quick  Time Events are usually abused which turns the whole game into a button mashing movie.

Applying the concept of Quick Time Events into your daily life you would probably know by now that when you make a small mistake either something you said or something you did there is no check point when you fail.

For someone to “Dare to dream” you have to explain that other category called nightmares.

The phobia of nightmares is also called “Oneirophobia”

Or fear of dreams in general.

Personally I enjoy nightmares so I don’t think I can relate to those exceptional two I know that suffer from “Oneirophobia”.

Unless I dig deep down inside my childhood.

Sleep now,your time has come. – Bioshock 2

After being indirectly lectured,

I think I’ll go ponder over what that wise man said.

Finding self worth and contentment.I’ll probably be happier,and maybe I’ll stop looking for it.

You don’t know that he is all you need,until he is all you have.”‘

Annddd my English exam is almost here.. for those that have been reading for sometime I’m sure you would realize that my English.. isn’t as good as it’s suppose to.

Well,I just never have time to proofread.Ever.


We’ll learn someday that one of us already died.And then we’ll ask why.And no one will answer.

I laugh till I cried till I smiled.And we were happy. – Mikuhaeru